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Two Cords Green Firewood-A1

Our Green debarked firewood is cleaner, dries faster, and minimizes any insects that may be hiding in the wood. Treehugger Farms is the only firewood operation in the Monadnock region that produces debarked wood. When you purchase debarked firewood you have less debris to pick up after stacking and the wood you bring in the house is much cleaner. Green debarked firewood makes your wood burning experience more enjoyable. All our firewood is hard wood; there is a mixture of species consisting of oak, maple, beech, and birch.

Special cuts are available (14″-24″lengths) at no extra charge between January and July. After July there is a $20.00 per cord charge for special cut.

We do recommend you purchase Green debarked in spring or early summer to allow time for drying. Special cuts are available for this product (14″-24″).