Quality cut & split firewood delivered in Southern VT & NH regions

Need a New Stove?

We are authorized dealers for Lopi™ and Fireplace X™, offering sales, service and installation.

We also sell wood for campfires, firepits, and cooking.

Selections of Oak, Maple, and Cherry

More about Treehugger Farms

Environmentally Friendly

We take pride in giving our customers environmentally friendly, practical products and services that can help them reduce their dependence on expensive foreign oil.

Family Owned & Operated

Treehuggers’ is a family owned business established in 1993, incorporated in 1998. Since the 1970’s our family has sold firewood and wood stoves to homeowners all over New England.

Firewood Kilns On Site

Treehugger Farms is an approved firewood heat treating facility in compliance with New York, New Hampshire, and Maine’s firewood regulations.

What happened to debarked firewood?

In 2008 Treehugger farms introduced the debarking of firewood to our operation , in an effort to make firewood a little cleaner the debarker made a difference. The sale of the unprocessed bark from the debarker paid for the cost of running the machine, and it gave the...

What does it mean to be an approved heat treating facility?

We are a USDA approved heat treating facility in compliance with all federal and state laws regarding heat treatment and the movement of firewood. Our facility undergoes an annual renewal process with the USDA to verify heat treatment...

How is our firewood envirionmentally friendly?

Our kiln dried firewood burns efficiently, producing more heat and less smoke per cord. Our firewood is sourced locally with professional logging crews, that practice sustainable forestry. All of our firewood is hardwood consisting of oak, maple, beech, and...

How much wood is in a cord? And How Much Should I Buy?

  How much wood is in a cord? A cord of wood stacked is 128 cubic feet (L x W x H=cf). How much wood should I buy? If you are heating a new home (well insulated) with a new efficient stove, the average home will use approximately 6 cords for the winter. If you...

Where Should I Store My Firewood?

Store the wood in stacked piles that are covered and off the ground (allow air to pass over the wood to promote faster drying). A wood shed is recommended. Choose a spot where you can easily access the wood from your home. When it’s cold and snowing, you don’t want to...