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Everything you need to know about firewood!

What happened to debarked firewood?

In 2008 Treehugger farms introduced the debarking of firewood to our operation , in an effort to make firewood a little cleaner the debarker made a difference.

The sale of the unprocessed bark from the debarker paid for the cost of running the machine, and it gave the consumer a better product without a higher price.

Over time the bark market has changed and the price we receive for our unprocessed bark has dropped to the point that we have no choice other than to shut down all debarking of firewood.

We have added a specialized machine to take its place and screen out all loose bark,chips, chunks, and sawdust. All firewood after January 1, 2020 will be bark on and  we will continue to offer the cleanest wood possible, on time delivery, and guaranteed full measure.


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