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  Frequently Asked Questions    

Q - How much firewood should I buy?
A - If you are heating a new home (well insulated) with a new efficient stove, the average home will use approximately 6 cords for the winter.

Q - What kind of wood does Treehugger Farms sell?
A - We sell hardwood: oak, maple, ash, beech, birch and hickory

Q - How much wood is in a cord?
A - A cord of wood stacked is 128 cubic feet (LxWxH=cf).

Q - What length is the firewood?
A - All our wood is cut to 16" lengths. If you need a special cut 14"-24" we can do special cut orders in the spring up to July 1st.

Q - How do I order?
A - You can order on-line, by fax or by phone. You will be asked for directions to your home and you will be given a date and approximate time for delivery.

Q - Where should I store the wood?
A - Store the wood in stacked piles that are covered and off the ground (allow air to pass over the wood to promote faster drying).  A wood shed is recommended.

Q - Is there a minimum for a delivery?
A - Yes. A local delivery has a 1 cord minimum. Some towns have a 2 or 3 cord minimum. Check our price sheet to find your area.

Q - Can I pick up wood with my own truck?
A - Yes. You can pick up any amount of wood from a trunk or truck load to a tractor trailer load.

Q - What are your hours of operation?
A - Monday thru Friday 9 am - 5 pm and Saturday 9 am - 1 pm.



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