Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Avoid costly excavation and trucking fees
Minimize impact on existing landscapes

Stumps need to be disposed of properly before they negatively affect your property. If your commercial or residential property is blemished with unsightly tree stumps, you may want to consider removing them with stump grinding. Stump grinding minimizes impact on your existing landscape, and will help you avoid having to pay for costly excavation and trucking fees, making it a more affordable and efficient solution.

Our experienced operators at Treehugger Farms can grind your stumps below grade 6″.

Residential Pricing

$3.00 per inch, $250 minimum
Job sites outside of 20 miles are subject to travel fees depending on the town.
Please call for pricing.

Commercial Pricing

If you have a large logging or land clearing job and you need our stump grinder for commercial use, we can give you competitive rates by the day or by the week. Please call 603-399-8454 for a free estimate.

How to Measure Your Tree Stumps and figure the cost of your job:

Measure the diameter of the stump from the two furthest points including root flares.

20″ x 3.00=$60.00 call for a free estimate.